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A life without stories would be no life at all. And stories bind us, do they not, one to another, the living to the dead, people to animals, people to land?”

For the first time, here is the complete, authentic and classic glowing stories of the past, of men who knew their waterfowl when the birds were so plentiful that when they rose they blackened out the sky; when there were no closed season and no bag limits and spring shooting and baiting were allowed; when punt guns, sink boxes and live decoys were prevalent. It tells the story of the old timers, for they have voices we will never hear, so they speak to us through their written words and images. They not only teach us about the past; they also urge us to pay attention to the present, to identify what’s worth saving by telling us the tragic story of the birds’ decline. They would tell us time is running out.

In addition to the written stories of the most famous waterfowling grounds in any hemisphere, this book gives a pictorial history of over 150 vintage images of old-time gunning and an illustrated record of successful old-time methods and techniques employed by waterfowlers on this continent. To future generations, it presents as accurate a picture as possible of how and why our once bountiful waterfowl were hunted.

No one can read this definitive treatise without gaining a wealth of factual information and a better comprehension of one of the most important wildlife resources on our continent and the way in which it was hunted. A glimpse at the Table of Contents will indicate the tremendous scope and breath of this book, as the 54 chapters contain a generous store of fascinating and spellbinding reading.

Many months and years of careful research, along with over fifty years of duck hunting, were involved in writing this book. It is a compilation of this, while also utilizing the information from my previous waterfowling books. It is hoped that it is of substantial interest to all of the present-day gunners and, especially, to conservationists and a must have for any outdoor enthusiast. I know you will receive personal fulfillment from reading this book as you connect with American natural splendor dear to the heart of waterfowlers, as the chapters are full of romanticism and factual information.

WATERFOWLING VIGNETTES is a limited first edition of 500 copies, signed and numbered, softbound covers, 8.5 x 11, 54 chapters, 510 pages with over 150 vintage images.

It is destined to become a collector’s item because of its importance, desirability, demand, scarcity, and its breath and wealth of information. Therefore, the price will escalate like all of my other out-of-print books have, especially my limited edition books.

PRICE: $100.00, plus $6.00 for shipping and handling, PLUS TAX if applicable. In stock to buy. No returns on this book.

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This book tells of a time that can never again prevail—of an era of game abundance that has gone forever. It tells a story of waterfowling that will never be repeated or seen again. It is the story of waterfowling of the long ago and much of it at a time long before the passage of the first game laws. The waterfowlers of yesteryears speak out all through this book of their remembrance of their earlier days, most could fluently speak the duck language and had web between their toes and were children of Dame Nature.

Likewise, the chosen scope of this historical sketch–and in its fragmentary character it can be nothing more than a sketch–is waterfowling in its glory. And with these passing memories, there comes the picture of waterfowling typical of its period, which was destined to decline with the drainage and reclamation of wetlands and the over harvesting of our natural resources. Could mankind be prevailed upon to read a few lessons from the book of Mother Nature they would clearly see the hand of Providence in every page.

In these vignettes, I hope you find it enlightening and fascinating to wander back through the early years of our hunting heritage to discover an America that remains unheard of by the younger generations and nearly forgotten by the few remaining old timers. For only if we have some knowledge and appreciation of our past can we understand and plan for the future and find new ways to save the environment, our wildlife, and ourselves.

Furthermore, if my work shall give you many happy days of pleasure reading about the olden and golden days, if it gives to you but a part of the joy that it hath afforded me, I shall be very well content with what I have done. If I shall find grace in your sights, my thanks shall be, that this my work helped someone understand all the art, secrets and worthy knowledge belonging to waterfowling that was practiced in the bygone years. Moreover, if I have imparted some pleasurable emotion within you, the sportsman, all I have hoped for has been accomplished.

Foremost, these are the old-timer’s words, left behind for all to witness their having lived; and although they remained but for a little while, the old-time waterfowlers contributed, in various ways, to our understanding of conservation and of Mother Nature so amply spread out before us. In reality, then, these are not my words but their words, which they left behind them to witness their having lived.


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