For way to long, the history of waterfowling has been sorely neglected by historians. Well, that has been remedied with the publications of WATERFOWLING AMERICA. This three-volume set covers the entire United States, state by state, if that state had a significant waterfowling history. Vol. I covers the Eastern seaboard; Vol. II covers the lower Mississippi Flyway states with Texas included in this Volume. Vol. III covers the Pacific and Central Flyway states and the upper states in the Mississippi Flyway above Missouri.

Waterfowl hunting was and still is a major form of recreation in the United States. Starting as subsistence hunting and market hunting, it reached its peak as a recreational sport in 1939 with over 44,000 waterfowl sportsmen and nearly 3,000 waterfowl hunting clubs and privately owned hunting marshes. Waterfowling evolved from subsistence to sport after the Civil War brought prosperity and affluence to broad segments of the population. Waterfowl, considered a delicacy by many, was in great demand for the table. With the rapid expansion of industrialization, increasing numbers of people found themselves with the means and leisure to engage in waterfowling as recreation. The construction of the railroads made the transportation of waterfowl to northern markets faster; while at the same time made travel for sport hunters easier. Market gunners and guides welcomed and needed the additional income provided by the arrival of the sportsmen. With refrigerated railroad cars and cold-storage warehouses, market hunting was in its heyday. Market hunting ended when enough sportsmen rallied on the side of conservation and game laws were enacted by states and the federal government, which put an end to market hunting, while waterfowl hunting clubs continue today. This triology covers it all.

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All Volumes of Waterfowling America are extremely hard to find. Volume One has been highly requested for purchase. No hardcovers were ever printed.

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