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These historic images tell a story of waterfowling typical of its time, of an era of waterfowl abundance that is no more, and of a time that will never be repeated, nor seen again, nor ever prevail again. In these historic images of happy scenes of bygone years, we get a rare glimpse and an unfiltered view through a camera’s lens into the past where the old timers say their farewells while leaving behind a heritage of lovely memories. The images are extraordinary, surreal, and dramatic, sometimes all at once. Each offers a perspective that is unthinkable and impossible now. They’re also an opportunity for us to zoom in more closely on how we view conservation, how those views have changed over time, and why. They could not have imagined that such a beautiful panorama of natural scenery would be completely transformed into asphalt and concrete jungles, the countryside settled up, forests cut down, meandering rivers channelized, and wetlands, marshes, and swamps drained and filled in for farming and development. What was a duck hunter’s Eden, no longer exists, but maybe they do, at least, in our own eyes and mind!

Volume II cover the Pacific Flyway states in 220 pages, with over 250 images portrayed along with some explanatory text on 100# glossy, white paper in a hardcover tabletop 12 x 9 size. Contact me by email through this site. Cost is $75 each, plus $6.50 for shipping and handling. If you want more than one copy, please email me. After contacting me, I will give you my address and the total cost, if more than one book.

Vol. One is out of print but I have a few copies, which I just recently bought back from a going-out-business retail book store.


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