From a historical perspective, the importance of setters, pointers and bobwhites in promoting sportsmanship afield in the olden days has never been fully appreciated until now. What is the principal object in this tome was not just gathering a bunch of names and dates, but to call attention to the owners, breeders and trainers, who, since the dog’s appearance among them, realized they had been graced with something special in their lives. The book tells the reader interesting tales of the old pointers and setters unknown but famous in their day as great bird dogs, that hunted over many hallowed grounds. By its very nature, bobwhite hunting brought out the best in the old-timers whose external pursuit of perfection of their dogs made quail hunting the sport of choice by old-time Americans and which led to field trials as we know them today. PRICE: NEW BOOK, softcover, $30, plus $6.00 for shipping and handling. 420 pages, 8.5 x 11 with over 100 images, published in 2017. In stock to purchase. No return on this book.