Over a span of 40 years, I have collected, sold, and traded historic vintage photographs, stereocards, and cabinet cards but mostly postcards. Most had no caption nor information attached to them. Nevertheless, the images in these three volumes tell a story of waterfowling typical of its time, of an era of waterfowl abundance that has gone forever, and of a time that will never be repeated nor seen again, that can never prevail again.

I hope you find it enlightening and fascinating to wander back through the early years of our hunting heritage to discover an America that remains unheard of by the younger generations and nearly forgotten by the few remaining old timers. Through their images, we learn something about their art, secrets, and knowledge that was practiced in the bygone years.

In these three image albums, the old time waterfowlers, who have passed over the Great Divide, speak to us through their images of their love for waterfowling in their earthly days. They speak to us about their Red Letter Days spent waterfowling and about the life they left behind for us to witness their having lived in the olden and golden days when they hearken to the call of the Red Gods and hastened to their favorite waterfowling grounds.

I hope you find my work enlightening and fascinating and that it gives you many happy days of pleasure as you wander through these images of the early years of our hunting heritage. Moreover, if these images have imparted some pleasurable emotion within you, all I have hoped for has been accomplished.

Briefly, these three volumes are the story of waterfowling of yesteryears in America when waterfowling was in its glory. Only a few states have been omitted due to the lack of available photographs to documents their history. Price: $300, plus S&H.