Most duck hunters, young and old, want to know what happened in the olden and golden days when the old timers pursued their love of duck hunting. So, sit back and relax every Tuesday for an episode as a passionate duck hunter of some 60 years, named Wayne Capooth, author of ten historical waterfowling books and outdoor writer, recaps duck hunting by the old timers from his 40 years of research. This podcast of deep and relevant topics of the Golden Age of  Waterfowling will cover all facets of duck hunting, from punt gunning, sinkbox shooting, duck calls, live decoys, duck clubs, market hunters, etc., etc. Consequently, tune in every Tuesday for more episodes that will give you a deeper understanding of the natural world as told by generations of duck hunters that have sadly passed away! And if we will listen, their stories will never be forgotten,  as we learn what those days were like

In this my first podcast of Historic Waterfowling Stories,  and in each episode, I hope to instill in you the beauty of our sport as seen through the eyes of the old timers  who were sweetened by winds   and by nature, of mallards caught by shafts of early morning sunlight against a red sky of opening morning, by the beauty of Mother Nature and the nostalgic smell of wood smoke coming from a camp fire or the homely smell of cathead biscuit and country ham coming from the clubhouse kitchen, and by the warm sweetness of a hot toddies at the end of a long, cold day of duck hunting. This at a time when most of us were either very young children or yet unborn.

Hence, don’t miss an episode of Historic Waterfowling Stories, as the old timers give us their treasures and hidden riches of their history. Furthermore, visit my website and while there visit my blog, which has a multitude of old stories dealing with the old times. It will also have a transcript of this podcast  and every podcast that I do.

In closing, I want to think all my listeners for tuning in and I hope you return.



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