LEFT: me and my son Chad; RIGHT: me and my son Bryan








I am doing Volume II of Historic Waterfowling Images, which will be on the Pacific Flyway states. I need some old time waterfowling images for any of the Pacific Flyway states. If you have an image or images you would like for me to insert into the photo album, send them to me, and if used proper credit will be given.

Vol. I of Historic Waterfowling Images : I have only a few books left, so if you want one please order quickly.

I have done several podcasts. One was with Ramsey Russell, who is worth listening to as he is a very unique individual.

#1. The podcast of his interview with me is available https://getducks.libsyn.com/the-golden-age-of-waterfowling.

#2. The podcast with DU is available at https://open.spotify.com/episode/4p3dZbZpqHuIvTIIrZP2ne .

#3. A short video of me doing a TV segment on my first book The Golden Age of Waterfowling is available    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Sn-Tmu7DY

I posted on my Blog on December 2, 2022, “George Washington   The Duck Hunter.” This is a transcript of my future podcast, which I will keep my viewers posted on as to when the first podcast will be available.

To all my followers on my Blog, a great “thanks to all.”

Keep on hunting and for the Dads out there, remember what Herb Parsons said: “Hunt with your boy today and you won’t have to hunt for him tomorrow.” Herb was an outstanding exhibition shooter for Winchester-Western, traveling the countryside promoting Winchester. He loved hunting, especially waterfowling.


GOD BLESS! Wayne Capooth